These book covers represent a small handful of the published work of a few of our clients. Click the book covers to be taken to their websites to learn more about the books.

Susabelle Kelmer, Genre: RomanceThreshold, Genre: Paranormal ThrillerRed Hot Liberty, Genre: Satire, ChicklitShow Dog Sings The Blues, Genre: Satire, ChicklitThe Heart of Autumn, Genre: PoetryThe Soul of Winter, Genre: PoetryThe Tears of Spring, Genre: PoetryThe Breath of Summer, Genre: PoetryLittle Lines I Shared with Death, Genre: PoetrySmoke & Spirit, Genre: PoetryFlare & Fetter, Genre: PoetryInk & Ice, Genre: PoetryUnlined & Undertakers, Genre: PoetryKirsch & Kerosene, Genre: PoetryObiter & Oleander, Genre: PoetryZephyr & Zinc, Genre: PoetryXenium & Xyris, Genre: PoetryNightmares & Nevermore, Genre: PoetryElysian & Ether, Genre: PoetryPassion & Prudence, Genre: PoetryVervain & Vice, Genre: Poetry