Monday Motivation – Character Crafting

Craft a character with the primary motivation of avoiding past trauma.

– What trauma is the character trying avoid?
– Why is the character attempting to avoid this past trauma?
– How is the character avoiding the past trauma?
– Would acceptance and awareness of this past trauma change the character in any way?
– Is the character better off avoiding the trauma or accepting it?
– Would the character’s past trauma make them a protagonist or an antagonist?
– Does the character’s world impact the past trauma – positively or negatively?
– Does this impact on the past trauma influence the character to change the world as it perceived?
– Can the character make changes to the world, or does the character keep being thwarted at every turn?
– How does the past trauma affect the character’s personality and actions?
– Has the character developed any quirks as a result of this past trauma?


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